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Look no further! I would be honored to capture this special moment in the life of your family. I know firsthand just how fast the years can fly by when you have little ones. It is important to capture these moments - cherish them and remember them. Photography gives you the opportunity to hold onto memories and special milestones. Don't let this moment in your life pass you by. You will never get those moments back once they are gone.

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I take hundreds of photos with my phone. Why should I pay a professional photographer?

While phone snaps are a wonderful way to quickly capture everyday moments, they are not high enough quality for larger prints and they typically don't include one important element - YOU! Parents should be in the picture too, having fun with your lovely family. These are the photos your children will cherish long after you are gone. A professional photographer can capture your family's legacy. These are the photos that you'll want to print and hang all around your home. Even if you're the type of person that hates being photographed, don't be intimidated! I can help you with every step of the process.

My Focus



Capture your romance! Whether you are newly engaged, celebrating an anniversary, or just simply want to document your love for one another.



Families are my favorite! Parenthood is a special time. From the moment you find out you are pregnant, until the day they leave for college. Capture this moment in your life because it will never stay the same. Pets included!



Kids are the best! Don't miss capturing snuggles with your newborn, that cheeky smile from your toddler, or those toothless grins from your first grader.



High school graduations are such a big milestone. You are becoming an adult and finding your place in the world. Show the world your personality!